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dewalt precision point vs bostitch smartpoint ?

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not sure if i want to invest in either of them yet , but when day dreaming about getting a really nice 16 gauge nailer i keep coming back to a stalemate between the BOSTITCH BTFP71917 and the Dewalt DWFP71917 . what are y'alls thoughts or experiences with them ? your preferences ? honestly , the more accurate nail placement will most likely rarely make a difference for my projects/jobs , but i must admit on those few occasions it will be a nice feature to have . not having to push hard against what i'd be nailing (and potentially moving it out of nailing position) is a very appealing feature ! that will be enjoyed every time i pull the trigger :)

FWIU .... dewalt bought bostitch and rebranded smartpoint to precision point on their finish nailers , so i'm guessing they feel similar when using them . will they both drive 2 1/2 inch brads reliability ? even the hitachi i tried wouldn't :( . i'm leaning towards the bostitch , seen tons of bostitch air guns during the 20ish years i built decks and i think it's a nicer looking gun . i used paslode cordless when i built back then , dont wanna be held up by batteries or the extra cost of gas cartridges so i got a fairly quiet california air compressor . all i need is electricity , brads and something to nail ;)

so what are y'alls experiences , thoughts , recommendations ?
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im surprised the hitachi you used wouldnt sink nails did you dial up the depth setting on the gun

as for the difference between the bostich and dewalt.. their pretty much the exact same gun.. dewalt simply made a couple cosmetic changes to the look of the gun its a rebranding of it. i havent used the 16 gauge but several finish carpenters that i know have and love them.. they consider them the best guns for the price before going up to a max air, grex or cadex or even a Omer nailer. i have heard the odd case of them jammig up but that happens with every brand.. the odd gun will do that if it does it regularly when its new simply return it for a replacement

the only reason i would lean more towards the bostich is the price point.. from what ive seen both locally and online most dealers are charging more for the dewalt simply because of the name.. in some instances almost 50% more which is pathetic.. locally the 18gauge dewalt was selling for $200 but the bostich is only 129......

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