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Destruction permit required to remove garage

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Hi All,

I am looking at pulling down the two car garage in my backyard, removing the concrete and sodding it over. The house is in Toronto. Will I need a destruction permit to remove it? It shares a wall with the neighbors garage but as far as I can tell they are structurally separate (though I confirm this before removing mine).

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I havent talked to the neighbor about it yet, im working on this. Until we moved into the property recently they used to park into the shared driveway - now we use it to park next to the garage so they have to park in the street. The idea to pull down the garage is not entirely selfish - I intend to park in the back yard via the rear laneway, this leave the driveway for him to park his massive minivan (win-win).

If I dont pull down the garage I estimate that it has about 5 years - it is rotting in many places and is a breeding ground for sewer rats (thanks to to sewer drain at the back of it).

With permits do I simply have to get a qualified professional (structural engineer) to state that they recommend that I pull it down or does the city typically send an inspector? in the event that a permit is denied how can I contest it (I understand that this may differ by county/city/country)?

And to answer one of the other questions the interior wall of the neighbors garage will become the exterior wall if I pull down mine - but I will properly waterproof it and fit it with matching siding (I want it to look good from my property too)

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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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