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Desperate electrician needs first time tiling advice!

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This is my first time doing tile, or any sort of flooring for that matter and I am hesitant to get started due to lack of confidence. I figured I would do the small bathroom first thinking it would be easier but I think I may have been sorely mistaken. Anyways, I attached a picture of the dry run that I started doing. Something tells me I should do some adjusting to account for the toilet drain and maybe on the sides to try and cut down on the waste. The bathroom is 4' 6" x 5'4". Any suggestions on what to do differently or any helpful pieces of advice? Greatly appreciated!


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Begin your layout so that the tile falls under the center of the door when it is closed. Your layout as it exists is slightly off-balance with the room but it isn't a big deal. I'm betting you are trying to center-up a grout line with the center-line of the toilet...that's the way I would do it also in this case.

Doing exactly what you are showing in you photo works great because:
1. You have a corner near the toilet that will skew the balance anyway.
2. When the vanity is re-installed you won't notice the skewed balance on that side of the room.
3. If the door routinely stands open when the room is not in use as most
normally do, the open door will also disrupt any noticeable imbalance.

My suggestion is "GO FOR IT".
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Hey, thank you for responding with some very good advice! So basically the goal is to center the door way. My idea was to try and make the cuts around the toilet drain as simple as possible.
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