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desk/workspace above loft closet (drywall)?

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I just moved into an apartment of a restored mill building. The ceilings are 20+ feet high and in the master there are 2 closets that have storage space above. We're very tight on space in the room and would like to put (temp) flooring on top of the closets from wall to wall including the span of the gap between closets. The space itself is meant for storage so I know for a fact it can hold a good amount of weight. But could it hold a workspace? When I say workspace I mean a small desk no more then 20 pounds. A light plastic chair, a few plastic storage containers and obviously 1 person 100 pounds or so. We've (her 100ish pounds me a lot more) walked around up there with ease but my concern is adding the flooring might add to much weight causing a break in the drywall.

Closet details- The span from wall to wall is 9L x 5W. The closet has a mettle frame around the shape and 2 studs along the top. The drywall itself seems to be over an inch thick and very sturdy when I push on it.

Flooring ides - either lay several 2x6 boards across the area wall to wall or make a frame. Then place a thick piece of plywood on top of that.

any ideas??
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may I ask, how do you plan to get up there once built? you could frame a floor system in between the walls and plywood it like a noraml floor.
When you say that the closet has a metal frame I am assuming that the studs that frame the walls of the closet are metal studs. This was intended to be a non-bearing partition and are probably 22 gauge studs and then they placed a couple of studs across the top to fuction as ceiling joists. It is likely that neither the walls studs or ceiling joists were intended to support a load. You need to determine what exactly the frame is constructed of to make an accurate determination. Perhaps you can frame and finish a structure that fits alongside and over the closet that will support your "office". A photo would assist those who comment on this forum.
5' is not very deep. Perhaps you'd be better thinking about making a platform for it. You should probably NOT attempt to use the closets as a means to support ANY weight. You don't know how they're built inside. It's very UNLIKELY they'd have enough strength to properly support any additional load. Remember, there's more to structure than just vertical weight. You have to take into account lateral motion too. So your platform up there would have to also be securely anchored into the wall as well. Then there's those pipes up there, they look like they'd end up being way too low.

Are you renting this or is it a condo?
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