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designing for a electic fireplace insert

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well, I am working on a basement room right now and I want to put a 39" Electric fireplace insert in.. I know it doesn't have the same requirements for clearances as our gas one upstairs, and of course not venting... but I want it to look as much like it was designed for gas as it can be... trying to get one of those really realistic looking ones

that's pretty much what it looks like I know the site shows framing for the box around it, but what around the margin around the box, is there any standard for that? I want to make it look as normal as possible, not just a box in the wall... put a mantle around it,etc... ideas on how big of a mantel should be around it? sorry if I sound lost, I just don't know what is standard for making a fireplace look good
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In this regard you are limited only by your imagination.

Yu can do really anything that you want, it seems to me. :yes:



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