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I have a 24x32 cape, 1 bathroom, full basement.

I recently ran a hot/cold water line from the water heater area to where my new front load washer/dryer are located. All is well.. and my plumbing job looks very clean/neat. Well.. That's about where that stops. The rest of the plumbing in my basement looks like a complete amateur installed it, and with the way the pipes were run I have one piercing through my 5 ply beam, tons of elbows that aren't needed.. and pipes that aren't secured well.

I was looking at going as far as cutting/capping the main cold water feed, and starting fresh. I know I could design a full copper system (running 3/4 to the water heater and trunk lines, then 1/2" to service ports), but running a pex style manifold system has my curiosity. I like the idea of running a nice cold trunk to where my water heater is. Tap the manifold for water heater feed, then run the output of the water heater to another manifold. That way I can have a central location for all shutoffs, and regulator.. and when I add my second bathroom upstairs I can just tag off the manifold.

Any feed back on this idea? I'm also looking to rerun some drain plumbing.. but that's another thread!:whistling2:

Anyone done a copper manifold installation?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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