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So am going to be putting in a couple of dozen new work boxes....homeowner will either have 1/2" drywall OR blue board with skim coat which comes more around 5/8"--3/4" total depth....issue to be decided later. Any reason that I wouldn't just set boxes to 1/2" depth?

Second for exterior walls I know I need draft am I needing something like the lessco air sealing box for like four bucks that you then put a SECOND regular box in??? Or am I good with the basic gasket end carlon that you can get at big box??

And yes, I get sealing up any holes I make in top plates. Thanks!! Ron

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1/2" should work. Basically you can not have over a 1/4" gap between the front edge of the box and surface of the wall.

314.20 In Wall or Ceiling.
In walls or ceilings with a surface of concrete, tile, gypsum,
plaster, or other noncom-bustible material, boxes employing a flush-type cover or

faceplate shall be installed so that the front edge of the box,
plaster ring, extension ring, or listed extender will not be
set back of the finished surface more than 6 mm (1⁄4in.).

In walls and ceilings constructed of wood or other com-
bustible surface material, boxes, plaster rings, extension
rings, or listed extenders shall be flush with the finished
surface or project therefrom.
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