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Dent filling for engineered hardwood flooring

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I recently had some cabinetry put into my home, and the carpenter was a bit lazy with setting his tools down. We now have about 10-15 dings throughout the room from his hammer being tossed down, sitting at about 3/4" long, 1/8" deep. After browsing this forum and several others, I didn't find exactly what I was looking for... I was considering picking up some clear epoxy to fill the dents, then scuff them up with a fine grit sandpaper afterwards (if needed). The color remains within the indentation, so the main goal here is to level these all out without risking messing up the color. Thoughts? Suggestions?

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If it was me I'd be suing him for a new floor!
There's 0 excuse for this to have even happen if he knew what he was doing.
One ding is one thing, 10 or 15 is a whole other.
Not sure if I've ever even used a hammer when installing cabinets, may have just to tap in a shim, but I sure did not just let it drop on the floor like that!
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