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I have a new construction Building I plan on using dense pack cellulose in the attic, floor, and walls. But I have a number of question about dense pack.

I need 1184 square feet of dense pack, and 384 square feet of attic space.
That includes 6" floor joists. And some very small 6" double 10' walls (staggered 2x4s on a 6" sill).

My understanding if I should put vapor barrier on the inner side to watch and verify the pack of the insulation. But I also have been hearing about netting. I am not sure what this is about but I am like 90 percent sure that when I first looked into this I read some article(s) about how you could spray directly into the the vapor barrier.
The outer side is housewrap and steel on 2' strapping. The Housewrap will bulge, but is super strong and I was not going to double the cost of the building to clad the entire thing in plywood. I had thought about doubling up the housewrap by wrapping inner side of the wall, but it is probably not needed.

It looks like Home Depot offers cellulose and includes a free machine with large enough orders. Based on my reading in this forum it is likely that the machine will not be able to blow dense pack directly, but since this is new open construction that does not sound like a problem to me as I should just be able to physically compress it.

I need to do more reading, and I plan on stopping by a Home Depot tomorrow to ask about it (primarily the blower as nothing is mentioned online).

I understand that you want 3-4 lbs/cubic foot, but I am not sure how to tell that has been reached. And if I am hand compacting, how often would I do that (every foot?). Or have I mentioned anything completely wrong or that simply will not work like I think it will?
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