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Demolition of a cistern

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Has anyone demo-ed and filled in a cistern? I have one in my backyard that has been capped with cement. What did you fill it with? And why do it? Thanks.


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You do it because it is often required by law when abandoned. You don't want anyone falling by accident if the lid gives way.
Normally you fill them stone, sand or clean fill.
In this area code requires gravel and sand except the top 4 feet, there you can use soil.
Code Requirements for demo of a cistern

According to the code here I don't have to do anything to it because it is capped in cement. So I don't know how deep it is and can't really know without opening it up and then I'll have to reseal it according to code and the township will have to get involved. I plan to put a deck over it eventually so I if I do that sooner rather than later I guess I could save some money and time by doing nothing. So, assuming that safety and code requirements are not an issue, can you think of any reasons to get rid of it?
It doesn't look to be in very good shape. The part above ground appears to be crumbling now.
It could make a great place to run your rain water from the downspouts.
So, assuming that safety and code requirements are not an issue, can you think of any reasons to get rid of it?
You say you're covering it with a deck? It's possible that one or more of the posts will need to be cemented into the ground right where the cistern is now.

I guess I would fill it in anyway, just to know that no kids or pets would ever fall in and drown, especially if a section of it caved in and left a small hole in your yard big enough for them to fit through.

A cement cover gives you no gaurantees as cement cracks and breaks quite easily. Not to mention if the ground supporting the cement lid collapses.

On the farm I grew up on, we had a cistern cave in as my brother was driving a tractor over the edge of it. It was pretty deep and had water in it still. We never knew it was there until it caved in. We found another one too, a couple years ago under the kitchen floor when we gutted the same house and pulled up all the floor boards.
Thanks guys. I plan to pop the top drop a tape measure in to see how deep it is. With a lot of luck it isn't that deep and it won't take much to fill. It is crumbling some so I don't think it'll be much to demo the above ground part.
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