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demo sheetrock Saturday- advice

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so we are ripping out all our sheetrock for walls and ceiling on Saturday. got a 30 yard dumpster to throw it in.
it's a 5 br house with 2 small baths , LR and DR and kitchen etc. not too big of a house .
I'm getting about 5 of my friend to help. it's only on 1st floor and 2nd. thinking of the most effecient way to do this and get it to dumpster in driveway. we are also replacing all the windows and siding in a few weeks so not caring of it gets damaged. we are also not living in house right now.unfortunately the driveway is not directly under any of the 2nd floor windows as I was thinking throwing the sheetrock out the windows instead of lugging it down the stairs would be a lot easier. I work in NYC and I think I've seen these tubular things that the demo guys use that go from the windows to the dumpster that they throw stuff in. Anyone know what I'm talking about? do they rent them ? even if so I may have a problem as I said the dumpster will be about 15' from being directly under 2nd floor windows. any suggestions for getting the 2nd floor sheetrock to the dumpster and any other tips/tricks? greatly appreciate the help.
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Check with your local scaffold rental company they will have the trash chutes that go along with the scaffolding.
Some scaffold company's Sunbelt , Safeway , Brand plus a few more.
That may not work with flat sheets of sheetrock. 15' away and second story window is usually not up even 15'. You need more angle to overcome the friction, I am guessing. Also will need someone in the dumpster to redistribute the debris, and everybody watch the nails, if nails.
Can you get some sheets of 3/4 plywood, double layers, to support the dumpster if firm ground is the problem? If small roof, build a platform? Maybe trying to demo in one day is a scheduling problem?
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Does it make sense to load up big garbage pails and lower them from 2nd story window down with rope. It's about 20'.
Also it's not like the steps come down toward the front of the house. They land toward the back of the house.
If the pieces can be just thrown down the window, maybe anything underneath covered with plywood, then carried to the dumpster? If there's a roof under the window, patio example, cover the roofing with plywood, cover the patio rail (if yes) with ply, etc. I'm thinking keep it simple. A direct route to dumpster may look good but somebody also has to redistribute it in the dumpster.
Can you get a big tarp and lay it below the window? Throw the drywall down in chunks, periodically drag the tarp to the dumpster. Is the dumpster the kind that the end wall swings open, or do you have to lift everything over the wall?
Throw it out a window, toss it in a wheelbarrow, take it to the dumpster.
Let gravity help you: throw it out the window. You sweat the details.
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