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I pulled out the cartridge on my single handle Delta Monitor shower faucet. My house was built in 2012, so the shower faucet is fairly new, and should be manufactured after 2006 which i read was when they changed the model and made a new replacement cartridge.

Based on this info I purchased the 1300/1400 series replacement cartridge (RP19804) which looked exactly like the cartridge I pulled out.

When attempting to re-install the new part, it will only go in about 95% of the way leaving a 2cm gap and not locking into place.

I have checked to see if there is any debris left in the housing (there is not), I put lubricant on the O rings to help them slide in.

But I am exerting a lot of force and it will not slide all the way in. I have another delta bathtub/shower with a single handle that I replaced, but that cartridge looks to be a different model (RP46074).

Anyone have any ideas as to what the issue can be?!?!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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