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My basement has been getting more humid over the last few summers. I've never had a dehumidifier (never really needed one) but now I want to get one. If I get one with a continuous drain hose, does it really matter what container size it has? Are the ones with larger containers necessarily more powerful?

Steve S
Make sure you check the continuous drain hose attachment; and remember it has to drop down (you can't connect a hose and run it up into a sink, has to go down). Make sure the attachment is feasible; a lot of them have the 'feature' but it is nay impossible to hook up.

I'd prefer one where they have a display you can look over and check everything out. I'd still say one with a smaller container - as the containers get large it becomes a burden to empty them and you never know when you'll need to use the bucket for a day or two...

I have a huge one and a small one and we love the small one. It seems to suck water out of the air right in front of our eyes. The large one is slow and when it finally fills my wife can't empty it.
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