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Is there any reason a HP would go into defrost mode in temps warmer than 40?
It has not been colder than 39 for the past few days.

It defrosted at 12:30AM (Outside Temp: 43F, Suction: 102F, Condenser Temp: 32)
3:45AM (Outside Temp: 41F, Condenser: 38F)
6:05AM (Outside Temp: 40F, Condenser: 33F)
9AM (Out: 41, Condenser: 31F )

so far today for a total of 6 minutes.

Would it go into defrost mode if there was a charge issue?

I thought most units didn't go into defrost until the condenser was below 28 and the built in timer accumulated enough time at that temp. (mine is set to 90 minutes)

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Yes, it would.

Along with a defrost control or sensor issue.
A restricted outdoor metering device.
A dirty outdoor coil.
A restricted liuid line filter drier.
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