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Defective paint job. Need advice from experts here.

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My husband and I live in Phoenix area. We hired a national painting company through CostCo to paint the exterior of our house starting Tuesday 5/5. The job completed on Saturday 5/9. On Sunday 5/10, we noticed that the stucco repair materials that they used started to come off the stucco wall all around the house. We now can see white patches everywhere. I have attached a photo of an area where the problem occurs.

I am sure this company will try to fix the problem but we are not sure if they are willing to do it the right way. We don't even know what the right way is

What should we expect them to property fix the problem? I don't think repainting is a proper way to fix this. Should all the stucco wall areas be scrapped off before they repaint?

Thank you all in advance.


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No offense or "digs" intended, but chalk this one up to tuition paid to the College Of Hard Knocks and move on
(...and really it's not a "contractor thing"...I have said this to way more "contractors" that "got hosed" than homeowners)
The "company" may fix it (good luck), but not to your specs regardless

Your lessons would be:
1) Do not shop by price, CC, HD, WM, etc. do not provide quality services...ever (as other super low priced outfits don't)
They provide "just enough...hopefully" services...if you are lucky

2) Do not hire a "National" service company to provide pretty specific to your region services, when the local environment can mean so much (ie: mold in my area, sun in yours)

As an aside, or perhaps the whole enchilada, those "national" companies (especially the "cost conscience" marketed ones) sub (and those may re-sub) out all their work, for such minimal monies that basically any actual locals doing the work must skip important steps or operate out of the accepted standards (in a bad way)

I'd head to the local Chamber Of Commerce, local/national Painter's Guild, or my neighbors to get a recommendation for a qualified quality contractor to fix this

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Thank you for your reply :). Their quote was in the mid range of all the quotes we received. Their BBB records showed zero complaint. But the main factor was the trust we had in CostCo :).

In Phoenix, you cannot use price as a criteria... period. A friend of my husband paid top price for his windows replacement which started to leak during the first monsoon. Another friend of mine paid almost top price for his yard maintenance company just to find out in one afternoon that the yard crews bring in their families to enjoy his pool during a hot summer day.

We were hoping that someone here would be able to educate us on the proper way to fix this. We might have to go back to our highest bidder (12K for 3800 sq. ft home exterior paint job) to educate us. BTW, our neighbor fired 2 contractors and decided to do the work themselves. Maybe we will ask them if they would be interested to repaint our house.

Thanks again :).
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