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I'm about to put the pump into the deep well. I have all the necessary parts and pieces...I lack knowledge though.

Pump on the bottom of the 1 inch soft pipe. I have a torque arrester to put just up from the pump. Wiring from the pump up beside the pipe to the top of the casing is my question.

Do I feed the wiriing INSIDE the clamps for the torque arrester, or on the outside of the rubber of the arrester. Both methods seem wrong to me since the clamps for the arrester would "squeeze" the wires if on the inside, and if on the outside of the rubber arrester, they would chafe between the rubber and the well casing.

Thank you in advance for you replies.


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When I pulled mine recently, the wires were not run between the pipe and the arrestor.

Put some extra electrical tape on the wires through that section and you should be fine. Some folks will just draper them inside the slits on the arrestor as well.

I haven't seen them rubbed raw before.
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