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Deep well submersable chedk valve.

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My well pump pressure drops from full 50 lb. pressure to the 30 lb. cut on pressure about every 3 minutes. I have checked the bladder tank, and all water lines in and under the house and found no leaks. As fast as the pressure bleeds down I suspect the well check valve. If that is the case can I install an upper check valve so I do not have to have the well pulled.
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How deep is your well?

Putting a check valve on the system will alleviate the pump turning on and off so frequently, but if the water leaks out of the rest of the piping, you're going to have air coming into the system every time you use water. The amount of course depends on how much pipe is in the well.

This all assuming that you don't have a leak in the line somewhere though. If you install a check valve near the well, that should help you figure out where the problem is.
Sounds like same problem I had.We pulled the pump out of casing and found old steel riser piping rotted out in the first 10 ft out of pump.Pipe looked like someone shot it with bird shot.
the proper way it to pull pump ..check piping,and check valve on pump..may be time to replace ..pump... pending on its age...ben sr
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