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Deep Freezer Help

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I currently own an old Kenmore Chest Freezer. Model # 198.8173815. I currently have it plugged in to its own separate 120V wall outlet. I am about to move and I know there are no seperate 120V wall outlets where I am going to place the freezer in the new house. My question is....can I just plug it into a regular wall outlet in the garage...Prob. 115V or should I get an electrician to wire a seperate 120V to where I am going to put the deep freeze.
According to the tag on the freezer here is all I know about it:
4.4 Amps....60 Hz....1 Phase.....115 Volts.....DOM:01/86
Thanks for any help!!!
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My first choice for a food freezer is to plug it in to a single receptacle that's connected to a lighting circuit. That way you'll know if it has lost power. Food is expensive!

My second choice is a dedicated circuit.

Since the current is low, it'll likely work just fine on any circuit available.

One thing to watch out for, sometimes there's a GFI receptacle in the garage, and the bathroom receptacles are fed from it. This way, the bath receptacles are GFI protected, as required by code, but it's often a 15 amp circuit. A hairdryer loads a 15 amp circuit to the gills, and if the freezer is running, it might trip the breaker.

Your fine it doesn't draw that much you can plug it into whatever you want.
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