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Decreased water pressure in bathtub/shower

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I have well water and my bathroom plumbing is of 1990. I just back washed my shower head and it helped my water pressure momentarily. Sediment is a problem, some came out. (I am unable to back wash my faucets because they are in the wall and do not extend into the bathtub). A plumber repaired this problem before by cutting and soidering the mixer to clean it out. I do not want to call him back. Is there an alternative repair for an ongoing problem?
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Often ,simply removing the cartridge ---cleaning the valve body with a light sanding --then a new cartridge and you are back in business---

With your sediment and lime /iron condition---deliming the valve body might be a good idea---lime-away or a commercial steam table cleaner would be a good choice.

Delta mixers have a small screen inserted into one of the back holes in the valve body---cleaning or replacing that is also needed.
Old steel pipes?
No water softner?
What do you mean by back washing, and how are you doing it?
Whens the last time you drain the sediment out of the water heater?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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