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Under the kitchen cabinets there is a radiator, and the cabinets are against a wall with no insulation.

I'm looking for HEAVIER gauge decorative perforated metal to mount where the base would go under the cabs or another solution.
The big box stores have thinner, light gauge; it doesn't seem like it would hold up to toe kicks.

Previous owners covers holes with luan and base cove. Upon removing for new flooring, I noticed "marks" and openings which indicate there was perf metal.

I bigger solution would be insulate behind cabs. I pulled out cabs once to refinish them in the garage and discovered there is evidence of years of condensation behind the cabinets.

Maybe just some styrofoam and luan inside back wall of cabinets will do the trick?
Also, maybe the radiator was supposed to keep pipes from freezing?? I'm guessing there was no styrofoam in the late fifties when this kitchen was done??
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