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Decorative Drywall Anchors?

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My wife and I are the proud parents of an 8 month old little girl. Our daughter is getting pretty fast at crawling and we want to put a gate up at the top of our stairs. We are going to mount it with screws and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on drywall anchors. Something decorative that won't look to bad when the gate doesnt need to be up.

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Sdsester was right. There are end caps for the gate that actually get hammered into the wall. I was just curious if there were any anchors that looked better than others when there is no screw in them. Like plastic vs the metal ones. Or maybe even anchors with caps. I mean when the gate comes down I would like to keep the anchors in the wall so if a guest with a baby is visiting we can just screw the 4 caps back in and remount the gate.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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