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Decorative Drywall Anchors?

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My wife and I are the proud parents of an 8 month old little girl. Our daughter is getting pretty fast at crawling and we want to put a gate up at the top of our stairs. We are going to mount it with screws and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on drywall anchors. Something decorative that won't look to bad when the gate doesnt need to be up.

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Not sure I follow you. Drywall anchors go in the wall and expand to grip the sides of the drywall and provide a grip for the screws as well. What do you mean by wanting them decorative? Are you suggesting you are going to unscrew the safety gate between uses? Does not seem practical to me. Usually they have a bracket or something that stays on the wall and it is designed as part of the gate assembly. Can you clarify your question?
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