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At current Job I need to put together about 600 square meters of some custom made interlocking removable flooring. I will give you a brief overview of what I currently have. Pictures Below

- The concrete slabs need to be floating. Water will drain between the joints and channel through the finishes slab below. They will sit on either concrete "rails" or "supports"
- The client needs the concrete slabs to be removable, but at the same times be locked by some sort of support. Note: When hurricane sandy hit us marble slabs were detached from elevated pool deck landed on the parking lot below.
- All the material must be concrete

Below is a small slab sample with a sample "rail". The rail would be secured to the concrete flooring on its flat base. The slab is the larger piece. As you can see the notches would allow me to slide the concrete slab on rails on either side.

Below is a picture of how the slab would slide along the concrete rail.

Another angle

Another angle

Once the rails are secure to the concrete floor you would be able to slide the slabs along the rail from one end to the other.

Problems with this system
- you would need to install the slabs from one end, making removal of a single slab tedious.

The architect later proposed a system where the floor format would be as pictured below. I will start working on a system for this format, but it seems to be very difficult. Note that the slabs would need to be either 1.6x.8 or 1.2x.6
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