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Deck versus patio?

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We have an old 2 level patio done with pavers. It was a poorly done DIY job done by previous owners. We are debating either putting a deck over the whole works above the level of the higher patio, or excavating the higher patio and putting in a stamped concrete patio at the level of the lower patio. If we could leave the existing landscaping alone and build the deck over the top I think it would be the cheaper option. Any advice for what would be most economical would be greatly appreciated!
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I've seen this question posted here before and it comes down to several variables. The stamped concrete surface is the only thing you mentioned that can practically have a price attached to it. The rest depends on, the materials for the deck, who is doing the labor of the deck construction, who is doing the labor of the excavation. There is not a simple answer except to compare the materials costs if you are doing it your self and factor in the associated labor costs if you are hiring all or part if the work done.
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