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Deck Suggestions

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Hey there...I am investigating adding a 9x20 deck to the front of our house. I am thinking 4 6x6 posts (mounted on sonotubes below frostline) for front support. We'd eventually like to put a gabled roof over it (one thing at a time)...So I thought the four front posts could serve as support, along with 2 6x6's at the house..

This is a rough make up of the overall design... I am thinking 2x8's might be too skimpy....any advice is greatlyappreciated...
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1. Could you post a picture of the proposed location?
2. Do you have a basement?
3. Floor joists- 2x8 16"o.c. span 12'8" 2x6 16"o.c. span 9'9"
4. Ceiling joists- 2x6 24"o.c. span 11'3"
5. Roof rafters- 2x6 24"o.c. span 11'8"
Read this to prevent frost heave:,M1

Be safe, G
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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