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Deck Staining

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I had a new deck put in last year, composite decking and rails, with wood pickets. I want to use a solid stain on the wood, without staining the composite decking. Using a paint brush would be the best option....albeit it very tedious. Any products to protect the composite material so that I could use my spray gun, or is should I be looking at other options for staining the wood.
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Forget brushing, and the solid stain.

Get a pump up sprayer and a drop cloth. The pump up sprayer will not aspirate so servery that you need to worry about the neighbors. Like any job careful attention to detail will help to avoid over spray. Brush near the house, one or two boards, then throw a drop cloth over the rail and spray out towards the cloth . Do this on both sides, using the cloth a a back splash. Most important DO NOT USE A SOLID STAIN. You'll pay hell removing it for future application, go with a semi transparent and yearly maintenance. Take a look at my restoration pages and photo gallery.

I can spray a 1000 sqft deck in 90 minutes. it would take me 5 hours to brush, with a helper.
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