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I ripped out some old landscape timber (flower bed) that was nailed to a corner pole of my deck. I found that this made the corner support rot out prematurely. The other poles are fine. The rot is only 6" up the pole.
How should I repair this?
Can I simply cement around the pole above the rot? My bother did this when he added a flower bed around is deck so the poles would not be exposed to the soil.
Or should I remove the pole and replace it? If I do, will I have to remove the cement or is there another way?

Rotten pole

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Replace the post. Fill in the hole with concrete after you remove the rotted wood. Get a post standoff that keeps the wood away from the concrete and put it in the hole when you fill it with concrete. Make sure it's exactly where you want it because the new post needs to be directly under where it is now.
Tell your brother that you never bury deck posts on concrete, always use standoffs.
Like Ron said. And it looks like you have existing concrete, just need this:

Use a wedge anchor to hold it down. A post strap on top, inside wouldn't hurt, either. Be safe, GBAR
Is the post embedded in the concrete?

The problem with cutting the post short & adding more concrete:
The new concrete will not be totally bonded to the old concrete

You could drill the old concrete & add rebar to bond them together
But it wouldn't be a perfect connection
You want a "stand-off" on the bottom of the posts to prevent standing water from rotting them out. It also prevents them from "soaking" up water from the cement

Over 5' tall from the ground you may need better diagonal support these days by code

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Wow.. thanks for your help guys. I will get a 10' treated 4x4 and one standoff. Upon further inspection, there is a metal standoff on the existing pole.
So, if I understand this correctly. I'll remove the pole and old standoff. I may end up removing all the old concrete too. Refill the hole and then anchor the new standoff in new concrete. Then measure twice and cut the pole to desired length, and nail it in place.

Thanks again guys!
I really appreciate it!
If I have anymore questions, I'll be sure to post again.

GBAR, I've printed the link so I can show guy at Lowe's just exactly what I need. I think the ABA44 should work. It's just my luck they won't have it, and I'll end up talking to someone who doesn't know a thing about decks. :laughing:
if you run into trouble, give me a call - i'm in e cobb ( marietta ) & would help out if you need it.

while dave may be right in his thinking, it doesn't apply to pro's who regularly bond new conc to old,,, its a little outside of the abilities of most h/o's-diy'ers, tho !
Ah.. not far from me. I'm right in between Canton and Cartersville. :thumbup:
I'll PM ya if I run into trouble.

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