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Deck question

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Hello there,

I have a deck question. I am thinking about putting up a deck around part of my pool. The building department asked me to add the deck to my application. The deck is about 16x14 with a cutout out for the steps. The pool has 52" walls and is going In semi 24" in the ground leaving 28" above. Can I use 2x6 joist and beams for this size deck or do I need 2x8's?

Thank you

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First off, how deep the pool is has nothing to do with deck joist sizing. Second, you don't really have a 16' bye 14' deck. Depending on how you frame it, your longest span might be 16'....or it might be 14'....with a bunch of shorter spans in the thing. That said, if you had any thought of spanning either 16' or 14' with two bye sixes, think again. No way. Ron
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