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Deck post twisting and pulling away from beam

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I hired a contractor to build a deck about 2 years ago. He clearly used very green wood and didn't use carriage bolts to attach the posts to the beam. As the post dried, it twisted and pulled away from the beam. See attached photos. I have a few questions:

1. How worried should I be? I assume it's done drying/moving and so won't get any worse, right?
2. Do I need to replace the whole post?
3. Should I add carriage bolts now?
4. If so, how many? Just one or two per post?
5. Is my goal to tighten the nut down enough to pull them back together, or just prevent them from separating any further?


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Thanks for all the advice. I installed 2 carriage bolts (with 2 nuts each). As expected, it didn't pull the wood back together, but I can sleep better now.


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