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Deck notching

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Hi Guys

I'm in a ontario Canada, does anyone know if it's legal by code to notch the railing supports on an elevated deck?

I plan on using the 6x6 cut offs from my main supports posts and notching the bottom 8" so they sit on top of the deck boards and then attaching them with lag bolts to the front fascia/ledger board. Is this OK? Or must I physically sink the railing uprights through the deck boards and attach them to the deck joists/Framing?
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You can't notch 4x4's for sure.
Attaching the post to the o/s bond of the deck is a no no also.
For the last 32 years we have been cutting the rail posts through the decking, attaching the post to the I/s of the bond and back blocking.

The AWC American wood council has an article on the right way to build a deck:
It reads like your bottom rail will be close to the edge of the deck boards. This may create fall through case, even if the opening is 3 1/2". Attaching the balusters to the outside beams is easiest but top and bottom rails look better and easier to clean the deck.
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