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Looking for suggestions on the best way to plan a deck build around a 16x9 concrete slab. The slab is 16 feet along the house and 9 feet out. The deck will be 20 feet long the house and 16 feet out. The slab is 11.5 inches high off the ground and then it's 6.5 inches to the bottom of the door threshold.

The deck will be build freestanding and Ideally I don't want to have to remove the slab

My only problem in coming up with a good design is I will need to use 2x6 joists and i can't span those all the way over the pad so i will need support under them. My thought was to run the beams and footers perpendicular to the house but instead of digging up the concrete in the middle of the pad to install a beam, only install a short beam that's a few foot long outside of the patio. I can then run the joists parallel to the house and use a pressure treated spacer under the joists and use the concrete pad as a middle support for most of the joists and the short beam for the middle support of the others joists.
Another issue I have with that is I then need to try to make everything level based off the concrete pad which I don't like that idea.

Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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