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Deck Footers next to French Drain?

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Note: Example image below

I am building a deck around a 24' above ground pool. There is a french drain system that runs around the perimeter of the pool about 24" out from the pool wall (18" deep, 6" wide, gravel and 4" corrugated plastic pipe).

I am building a deck and around this pool and the issue I have is that two of the footers must fall right in between the pool wall and this french drain that encircles the pool.

I will be going about 30" deep with 12" diameter sonotube piers and will be putting 6x6 posts on the piers just above grade and attaching them using a j bolt and heavy duty post anchor attachment, etc.

My questions are -

Does the fact that these two footings will literally be touching the gravel in the french drain trench pose any kind of issue?

Does it risk impacting the strength or stability of the footing?

Would it be advisable for me to just dig up the 6' run of drain, put in some dirt back fill and try to compact it the best I can, and just put and end cap on the drain and start it 2'-3' away from the last footer instead? It wouldn't be that hard to do this but I don't want to waste my time if it does not really matter.

Please advise!


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You want the bottom of the footing below the level of the drain, gravel above the level would not hurt anything.
You may need to excavate for your french drain next to those footings after they're backfilled, to replace the gravel that will fall out of the trench and into your hole.
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