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Hey Gang,

I am going to be replacing my deck, see the thread in the Project Showcase.

I need some help interpreting my counties deck development regulations below.

Development regulations

Decks greater than 0.6 m (2.0 ft.) in height may project up to:
- 0.6m (2 ft.) into a required yard less than 4.0 m (13.1 ft.)
- 2.0 m (6.6 ft.) into a required yard of between 4.0 m (13.1 ft.) and 7.4 m (24.3 ft.)
- 3.5 m (11.6 ft.) into a required yard of greater than 7.4 m (24.3 ft.)

Am I correct in assuming that the maximum distance a deck can project out is 11.6 ft, if my yard is at least 24.3 feet?

That's seems kind of small, especially since the existing deck is/was 12.1 ft.

Any thoughts appreciated.

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That's how I read it, but the old deck was a non-conforming deck. Probably built before the latest code, which was arbitrarily set to trap those of you with larger decks.

There is no rhyme/reason behind some regulations. They are often difficult or impossible to change once in place, and often have no useful purpose. But it is what the powers to be deemed necessary for your good life. Think of that next election time.

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These setback regulations can sometimes be adjusted by applying for a variance. In NYC, the setback from the rear property line is 30 feet, but can easily be adjusted down to 24' by a simple request.
Check out your building dept. to see if yours is able to be modified.
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