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Deck Beam Question

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I'm building a deck with a friend, and I have a question about how to join two beams. We've set the posts, which are all 4"x6", and are outlined in the attached image. The deck will be 19 feet x 16 feet, so I need to have double 2" x 10" beams running a 19 feet span. The plans call for the posts to be notched, and the beams to sit in the notches. My questions are:

  • The longest 2" x 10" boards we can get are 16 feet, what is the best way to run the three 19 ft. beams; do we butt-join two doubled-up 2"x10"x9.5', and if so, what type fasteners do we need to use?
  • Same question for the middle beam, but obviously the number of posts and spacing are different.


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Should be using 6 X 6 post not 4 X 6.
Tried going to a real lumber yard to get longer lumber?
I have two close by that I can get up to 24' long 2 X 10's.
Why the odd ball length.
Make it 20' and you will have a whole lot less waste.
Building it this way is a lot faster because there's no notching needed.
Here's an article that may help showing the 10 most common mistakes made when building a deck.
4x4 posts may work. Compare your tributary load (example sited) to check if under maximum stated height allowed per chart, 3/4 down-scoll this;

The 19' span will have the beam spanning about 10'. That may not pass. I'm in NJ and for double 2x10 pt beam, nailed then bolted, I need 8' o.c. supports. The lumber joints must fall on the supports.
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