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Deck addition help

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I am getting confused after talking to several people about how to add on to my deck to incorporate our pool. The current deck butts up to the pool on the side, deck floor is 20" from the pool top rail. I want to add on/ or new deck for pool level access.
the addition would be 12X22, and I would add stairs from the existing to the new.
The new deck height will be 50", I plan to 4x4 around the outside every 6', 2x8X12 joist and hangers, 5/4X6 db all treated pine.
the end sections are the 12' and the middle is 7 1/2', I made a very rough drawing and attached as a word doc.

the question is the sections that the joist will run the full 12' which at one end is 7' and the other end 6' do I need to install a small beam at both ends?

one guy says yes, and another said no, and the last one said no beam, double band and use 2x10's

Any replies would be greatly appreciated


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The red you added is the planned direction of all the joist. So that most of the joist will 2x8x12 @ 16 oc. in the center of the pool to outside will be 2x8x8. I figure 19 2X8's to go from one end to the other.
So that I understand what you saying ( no matter which way I run the Joist ) the direction Im running the joist those outside boards should be doubled and use joist hangers? Would you need to notch into the 4x4 and then band over the one in the notch? and then since I am planning to run the joist toward the house I will be having to cut some joist ends on an angle to get around the pool.

I forgot, it was 3 am when I did that picture and using ms paint to do it,

where you have the 2 red lines, those are 12" long, the pool actually comes out farther than what I drew, from the center of the pool to the 24' side is 7 1/2'

I hope this helps as my picture did not reflect it well
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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