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I recently moved into a new home that I took possession of in the winter, so I couldn't see the yard. Brand new (first owner) but sat on the market for a bit so it was fully landscaped. Sod was laid 4-5 months before I even took possession.

Landscaped date: Fall of 2015 according to the builder
Possesion date: Mar 1 2016
Snow cleared enough to see lawn: Roughly Mid April 2016

Now I don't know much about lawns, so when the snow cleared I figured it was just snow mold on top. I called a lawn care company to come out and they wouldn't touch it. He showed me how the pieces of SOD lifted straight out and roots weren't attached. The SOD is apparently dead as dead and needs to be re-laid.

Now I've had friends to professional landscape companies say that it wasn't installed or taken care of correctly during that critical 2-3 week period and that it wasn't my fault. The builder (who I'll start naming if it isn't rectified) claims I didn't water it enough in the short time I've even owned the house, and that is why it is completely dead, unrooted and showing all the join lines. Completely ridiculous in my mind.

Not sure if it's related, but a couple of days ago the ground also collapsed around my front stairs as shown in the picture. Builder said it's nothing he'll fill it but It makes me wonder if the soil/sinkhole is related to poor prep and also the dead sod.

Would love to get some other peoples opinions. The timelines just simply don't add up for me. I'm expected to believe it was laid in the fall of 2015, taken care of properly and went into the winter healthy.. Then 1 month of my ownership with a lack of rain made it completely unroot...


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Was sod installed in other areas, the green ones? Like next to the road or other side of walk. I have limited experience with sod, but usually it roots rather fast, first couple of weeks.

If the dead area is the only place the sod was installed i would also suspect the soil treatment prior to going down. Do you know where the sod came from. if so they may be able to advise and possible test the soil. Too much fertilizer could have killed it.

Again, not a pro, just general advice.
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