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Dazed and confused on spa wiring

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I own a 6'x6' spa with 6 jets ( 4 small 2 large) and was formerly heated by natural gas in another city. Our home has only propane available and would be cost prohibitive to use so I am converting to an electrical heater. I Am considering buying a spa pack pre wired and plumbed with 5.5kw heater and 2 hp pump in 240 volt. Our current house has a dedicated circuit with a 30 amp breaker , #6 wire, consisting of three wires only (bare ground, white, and black) I have been told that this set up can be used by installing a 50 amp gfci in place of the 30 amp breaker in my 200 amp service panel (if all electrical equipment is 240 volt) and then not having to worry about a 4th wire for a gfci on the spa pack. I plan on having this done by a licensed electrician but would like to learn as much about it as possible before buying a spa pack and committing to having the electrical work done. I sent this same summary to the company (Spa Guts) but got a reply from a sales person who didn't have the vaguest Idea on how to answer my question. Any help would be appreciated. Wiring diagram would also be a great help. Thanks, T.T.:(
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Only having the two insulated wires would mean this would need to be 240 volt only. If the tub is going outside you would need to have an insulated grounding conductor also. Not enough details to go much further.
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