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Dayton Garage Heater

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Just had my dayton 3E369b 100,000 BTU heater installed and working in my garage. Moved it over 6" for better clearence of the joyces to install the vent pipe. Now it wont ignight...How do I purge the auto pilot valve?
Also my fan comes on in 20 seconds after thermostate is turned on weather the unit is lit or not. This is a brand new limit switch, did i wire it wrong. I don't have and can't find a Manual for this unit...
Please help
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Ok I learned how to purge the line I have gas to the valve, Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the limit switch or troubleshooting help. Thanks in advance. :whistling2:
I don't. might be able to get one from grainger though. Its one of their units.
Check for the Model number. I'm not sure you found the right number.
Dayton 3E369b when I check this number it shows that to be the number of the heat exchanger.

A lot of things could have happen.
All we know is you moved it over 6 inches

It sounds like when you move it you may have broken or loosen a wire.
I double checked the model number and came up with the same 3E369b, I hope the link works. This is the switch I question if I wired right,

I have white on bottom right and the rest are blue wires. Checked and purged the gas at the valve. Does anyone have a better diagram or knowledge of how the wires go on the switch. I havent changed anything since it worked other than a 6" zip code. Is there an idiots guide to proccess of elimination...
Thanks in advance.
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The fan is suppose to come by time. So weather or not the burner is working, the fan will come of after X seconds.
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Is your pilot sparking to lite the pilot or do you have no spark?
I have no spark. plus no sound or smell of gas. Just got a manual from Grainger for my 3e369b model, and am tiring to diagnose it today. Seen a Blocked Vent Switch on the wiring diagram...what sets this off.
1 step at a time
Ok no spark.
Now you need to check the wires coming from your module on the heater to you pilot assembly and make sure connections are tight.
Ok, did that and I loosend and re-tightened them.
Well I was just about to admit myself to the crazy house when I found the RE-SET BUTTON. Its working, thanks ONCALL and to all.
Ah, you killed power to it when it was running, or shortly after it shut off.
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