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dandelions, aaaahhhhhhh

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We have alot of rain this year in Milwaukee, WI. Every year I apply fertilizer w/ crabgrass control, but this year I have ALOT more dandelions. I have been just spot spraying them w/ ortho weed b gone. Anything else I can try because they are multiplying.
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Any product with 2,4-D will beat them down. Look at labels closely.

Generally, the liquid spray is more concentrated than anything you can get in granules.

Do not spray them directly with RoundUp. It will kill them, but will also splatter on the grass and kill it.
I use the ortho product that kills weeds not lawns. Can you give me an idea of what granule to buy instead? I plan on doing that today. Thanks
You want a broadleaf weed control product for dandelions but you may have trouble finding it without fertilizer and you said you just fed the long with food and crabgrass killer? I would stick to the spray.
Thanks. They just keep on coming out all over and I'll keep on spraying them. I almost went through a whole big jug.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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