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I've got a house built in 1929 with fieldstone foundation walls exposed in my basement. The walls were originally parged, but by the time we bought the house much of this parging had flaked off. This allowed the soft mortar between the field stones to crumble to the ground and it seemed to get everywhere. We had the basement walls reparged a couple of years ago. One area of the parging has what appear to be damp spots that have grown slowly over time. Is this anything that we should be worried about? Will it cause long term damage to the basement or the parging? Is there anything we can do to eliminate the spots?

Other information that might be relevant: I live in the Philadelphia metropolitan region. We're up on a slight hill, and have never had problems with basement moisture.

Thank you very much for anyone with any suggestions.

I have a picture I uploaded to Google Photos, but haven't been able to get it to display in this post. I can just post the link as text, if that's OK under the rules of the forum.

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Is there anything we can do to eliminate the spots?
Ayuh,.... Have ya done any landscapin' lately, say just before the wet spot showed up,....

Odds are, the problem is outside the cellar,....

postin' a link is fine,...
Ya gotta post 3 posts to use the photo option I guess,....
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