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I recently purchased a home and uncovered a small damp spot on my basement floor that is condensing through the floor no matter how much I dry it up. The previous owner seemed to have kept a bag of calcium on top. There are no cracks.

Should I be concerned? I attached pictures for reference. I took apart a bit of the drywall to see if it was leaking from the wall, which it appears to not be.

Thank you for your time.


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There is darkness but it's hard to tell if it mold or dirt. What's the humidity level like down there? Was the drywall nice and dry or did it feel damp as well? Concrete is porous. It might be easier to solve with humidity management and/or better air circulation.

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That looks like it could be a water pipe leak.
Make sure there is no water being used and check the meter for to see if you are loosing water.
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