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Damn thee, GE Profile Arctica!!!

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Damn thee, GE Profile Arctica!!! (Update - DIY repair!!!)

I know we're not supposed to bash. It could be any fridge, but this one is the problem today.

No cold air. No icing. Fans work. Lights work. No power to the compressor. Hello new control board?

And 4 feet from me is the bar fridge, Fridgidaire, 1985 model, never had a problem.
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I've been known to replace components (usually relays) on boards with more durable ones. Most of the time for a relay, it'll need to be installed somewhere not on the board.

I really don't know why manufacturers use components they know are marginal.


P.S. I also have just trashed the original board and built my own. Sometimes it's worth it, sometimes not.
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