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Cutting window trim into a 45-degree angle

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With my kitchen window, we wanted to encase it in trim, like a picture frame, and we cut the ends of each board into a 45-degree angle cut so they would fit together easily. I was planning to do the same thing for the trim on the front and back doors and the bedroom doors, since drywall wont really cut it. The problem is no electricity, so i cant use a chop saw, which would make things so much easier. We used a miter box with the window, and it was such a pain! Is there an easier way to do the cuts without electric?
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Is there a neighbor nearby who would let you run an extension cord for occassional power uses?
not one that is close enough. closest neighbor is about twenty feet away, but he hates me, so the next closest neighbor is about 150 feet away, too far for any extension cord. the only power we have is a generator, and we cant run it constantly for the time it takes to do trim
Why not?
Unless your trying to do this at night there's nothing they can say or do about it.
Just do all your cuts at one time.
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yup production stylel. its how i do it when im trimming new windows and doors.. all my mitres are precut. then i just trim stuff to lenght by cutting the square end . a slightly off square cut wont be nearly as noticable as a bad mitre cut after its caulked and painted
take your measurements and cut them elsewhere, then go and nail them on.
Are you living in the house? If you are and there is no electricity there isn't much they could do about using an emergency generator.
No, we cant live there without electric and operating plumbing
A pretty good miter box combined with a very good back saw should work just fine.
In a pinch I have used a builders square and my 6" cordless circular saw ( I call it a trim saw

You can cut some clean 45's by just running the shoe along the edge of the square
Miter box works just fine. Its a pain in the rear.
Your neighbor is already out of the picture so move the generator all the way to his property line and fire away. My chop saw is 15 amp, not sure if an inverter would work for this. I would say drop the money and get the electric turned on.
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well once the power is finished i will get it turned on but thats gonna be a pretty good while from now. only room with receptacles is the kitchen and the power pole isnt even in the ground yet. and my neighbor has nothing to do with the generator, i cant use it for very long cause i cant afford the gas to run it. it uses 5 gallons of gas in just a couple of hours only running a lamp. hooking a tool up to it would probably take 5 gallons of gas in half an hour. last winter we used it during a 3 day power outage to run the tv and heater and spent $500 just in gas to keep it running. and that is not an exaggeration.
that is the most inefficient generator in existence! Reminds me of my old Boss's dump truck that got 4 gallons to the mile..
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