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Cutting tile

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I'm going to be laying new tile in the bathroom floor. I have to make a few cuts in the tile. I have put up tile backsplash in the past and I used nippers. Wich was a joke but only had to nip a few. U do not want to purchase a wet saw cuz of the price. I have a dremel tool was wondering if anyone knew of a good bit to use to cut a few tiles?
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I'm not familiar with using a Dremel to cut tile, but I can't imagine using any possible Dremel bit to make the kind of cuts you'll need for floor tile.

You can get some pretty cheap tile saws that will work just fine for small jobs.

If you want to go even more cheap, just use an angle grinder with a diamond blade.

Depending on the tile you're cutting a tile cutter might work, but in my opinion the cheap ones are maddening to use because they crack as many tiles as they cut correctly, especially porcelain.
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Rent if you need a saw for only a few cuts----some stores offer cutting service---but the time wasted running to the store for your cuts will drive most folks to rent or buy.

Look on Craigs list for a cheap saw--then re-sell it when done----
They should have a list of accessories. I know I have seen a diamond bit for cutting tile in their list. I would second the use of an angle grinder and a diamond blade. I used one for cutting tile and had no problems. Just make sure you draw your line on the tile and that you have a steady hand.
Ok thanks everyone
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