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cutting plaster wall

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I have what I think is plaster walls. Where the trim is removed it looks like concrete. In one spot where I can see the back of the wall I don't see slats, but what looks like some kind of drywall.

Is this plaster on drywall? If so how hard is it to cut a square hole in it? I figure drywall would okay, but not sure on the plaster. I'd like to extend a single receptacle box to a double so I can fit in a phone jack/cable plug. Currently, the cables come up through the floor. I'd like to do the same thing in the other bedroom, it's got an old style four prong jack.
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Yes plaster with a drywall backing is quite common. Usually 2 ft by 8 foot pieces of drywall were used for this installation method. It is fairy easy to cut through with a sawsall and although some slight chipping of plaster may occur, it will be minimal as opposed to cutting other installation methods of plaster such as steel mesh-AHHH Terrible to cut and wood lath.

To expand on timthetoolman's response. Use either Lennox or Milwaukie blades, 18 tooth bi-metallic. Wood blades will tear the plaster out.
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