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Cutting mosaic edges?

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There's something with mosaics that I've always just taken for granted, and I just saw something in a video that was done differently. Check it out (I've preset the time to the relevant position.)

So he's installing his mosaic sheet as is. Does anyone else do this? I would always cut that sheet flat first, and then install it flat to the border. Is there some benefit to doing it one way or another? Maybe depending on the type of pattern? I know this is a little detail, but I add these up to make my life easier :wink2:
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I've always done it the way showed in the video, but for a reason not mentioned yet. When you cut one of the mosaic tiles in half, you'll lose around 1/8" from the middle. If I just cut a sheet in half, then the off-cuts are garbage. But by running full individual pieces through the saw, the off-cuts will fit nicely in the gap left by the full tiles, because they've already lost the equivalent of a joint line in height from the material removed by the saw.

Also, the time involved is a factor. It takes a lot more time to cut each individual sheet, wipe it, dry it, and then install it, than it does to set up your guide and slam through a couple dozen individual pieces culled from a single sheet or two.

As for it being an easy way to keep it level..."level" is just a matter of perception. No point in keeping a back splash perfectly level if the counter AND the uppers are both 1" out of level over 12', right?


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