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Cutting mosaic edges?

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There's something with mosaics that I've always just taken for granted, and I just saw something in a video that was done differently. Check it out (I've preset the time to the relevant position.)

So he's installing his mosaic sheet as is. Does anyone else do this? I would always cut that sheet flat first, and then install it flat to the border. Is there some benefit to doing it one way or another? Maybe depending on the type of pattern? I know this is a little detail, but I add these up to make my life easier :wink2:
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I do it like he did, using the entire sheet. Easier to make it perfectly level and plumb and I go back and piece in where needed. I also pull out pieces where receptacles go, cut them independently and replace them in the mix.
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It seems a straight cut on the tile saw does the job.
It will, but, IMO, it wastes tile. Now what are you going to do with the tails you cut off? In reality, thinking on it, it could be a moot point, since you are actually achieving the same thing. If you can get a good cut without boogers on the edge of the tile, then your method would work. With mine, it seems a factory edge looks better. It may just be in perception.
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