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Cutting into Cast-Iron waste pipe.

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I m in process of finishing my basement and adding a Saniflo up-flush system. The waste pipe is going to travel over to my existing 4" cast-iron waste pipe.

Now, what I was thinking of doing is taking a Sawz-all to the pipe an cutting out a piece to retrofit a PVC Y-pipe. Is this an acceptable practice? Any thing I need to know or do prior to cutting the pipe with a Sawz-all?

The pipe alread has a 1-1/2" drain that is used fr the washer which is PVC. Could tha be used for the SaniFlo, or is 1-1/2" to small for solid waste?
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You can cut cast iron with a sawzall with metal cutting blade or a snap cutter made for the purpose, but whatever you use to cut it, make certain that you have braced the cast iron from dropping down when you cut it.
All of the weight of the cast iron above the cut will be on it. Use 2x4 bracing if necessary.
Good Luck!

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I know a plumber who used to think that all vents were anchored--(they should be)

He's short two fingers on his left hand now.

Always be cautious of other peoples work--Mike---
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