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I just had a home inspection on my house I am selling - the home was built in 1988. My electrical panel has stickers inside that say Bryant Electric and Westinghouse Electric. Pics attached. The breakers all say Westinghouse or Bryant, except one that says Cutler Hammer Type BR115. Now I know from replacing a couple of the screws holding the panel in that it uses Cutler Hammer screws. I also know from researching that Bryant was a Westinghouse company that Cutler Hammer bought.

The inspector said: "The panel has an incompatible-brand breakers installed" - "Have a qualified electrical contractor replace mis-matched breakers with properly branded breakers".

Am I crazy to think that the Bryant - Westinghouse panel can have Bryant, Westinghouse or the Cutler Hammer type BR115 breakers?

Thank you in advance.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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