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Cut truss

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I am going to job tomorrow to prepare range hood vent

I am electrician but occasionally do what's needed on remodeling projects to help customer avoid hiring other tradesman

The range hood must be vented thru attic to outside

There is roof/ceiling prefab truss dead center in location of range hood, running perpendicular

There is 2' from top of hood to bottom of truss, doubt that I can offset 8" duct (4" offset in 2' run)

If I cut the bottom chord of truss, is there a good way to reinforce? One end of cut is at wall so I would fasten to top of wall if not already fastened. The other end of cut would probably be 18" from wall.

Contacting manufacturer, hiring structural engineer, or discussing with AHJ are not options
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Be sure you put you name and address on that truss so they know who to sue.

Cutting it is not an option.
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change from straight to oval and back after the truss.
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ok I googled around a little bit and began to suspect not an option

thanks for reply, Neal! Feel free to ask dumb electrical question so we'll be even!
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@Dave Ruth, your question wasn't dumb. Plumbers do it often without even thinking of ramifications, so it is good to ask before you delve into the unknown. Is your only exit option out the roof? Can you send it to a gable end?
[MENTION=563111] Is your only exit option out the roof? Can you send it to a gable end?
Thanks for helping but issue is with bottom chord of truss, where pipe needs to go thru ceiling

Yes going out gable end to minimize possible roof leak
I agree with what they say: You can't mess with them.
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